At LEAD NC, we identify talented, diverse, civic-minded people and equip them with the skills necessary to be leaders in their communities and workplaces. We support North Carolina’s next generation of leaders so they can help North Carolina continue to be a great place to work, live and raise a family.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Leadership Education and Development for North Carolina (LEAD NC) exists to seek out, encourage and cultivate a new generation of community leaders for North Carolina. LEAD NC focuses on leadership development for North Carolinian's who strongly support the following ideals:

  • All of North Carolina’s children deserve access to a quality and equitable public education that is adequately funded, as guaranteed by the state Constitution. 
  • Both private enterprise and government are essential for creating individual opportunity and growth, and our economy should work for everyone, not just those at the top.
  • In order to provide energy that is critical to North Carolina's economic growth and well-being, we must develop cleaner, more renewable forms of energy while protecting our natural resources and ensuring a healthy and safe environment for current and future generations.
  • North Carolina citizens have the right to accessible and fair elections free of unnecessary obstacles and intimidation.
  • Women have the right to decide if and when they will have a child, and everyone has the right to parent the children thy already have in safe environments and healthy communities.
  • The unique mission and purpose of government is to promote the public interest and help create a high quality of life and community well-being.

Leadership Values

LEAD NC seeks to cultivate leaders who adhere to the following principles:
  • Inclusiveness: ability to work with diverse communities, across race, class, sexual orientation and gender identities
  • Integrity: ability to discern between right and wrong, a willingness to act on that discernment even at personal cost and to openly/publicly stand for that which they believe to be right
  • Transparency: ability to be honest, to consistently keep commitments and to be held accountable
  • Altruism: willingness to take action on behalf of others even at great person a cost.


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Job Posting

Executive Director Position

Organization Overview

The LEAD NC Institute (501c3) and LEAD NC Forward (501c4) exist to seek out, encourage and cultivate a new generation of community and civic leaders for North Carolina.

We focus on leadership development for North Carolinian's who strongly support the following ideals:

We are committed to creating a nonpartisan leadership development model that works to address structural and racial inequities. This commitment includes not only our responsibility to recruit and train a cohort of leaders that reflects the changing demographics of North Carolina, but also to develop a greater understanding among civic leaders of inequalities based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and citizenship.

Position Overview

The inaugural LEAD NC Institute/LEAD NC Forward Executive Director will be responsible for the development and implementation of a strategic plan and budget that builds a pipeline of progressive leaders reflective of the changing demographics of North Carolina. The Executive Director will report directly to both the 501c3 and 501c4 Board of Directors. This position is the organization’s sole staff position at this time, though we expect to bring on additional staff in 2017. LEAD staff will work closely with other progressive infrastructure staff in North Carolina, including Blueprint NC and America Votes. 

Primary Responsibilities

1)     Growing and Deepening Partner Relationships

2)     Managing Programs to Identify, Recruit and Train Potential Leaders

3)     Overseeing the Administration and Development of the Organization

Required Qualifications:


 Experience and Skills

 Compensation and Benefits

Compensation for this position ranges from $70,000 to $80,000 annually.

 Application Deadline

This position is open until filled; applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please email your letter of interest and resume to resumes@leadnc.org to the attention of Tammy Brunner.

LEAD is an equal opportunity employer. We actively encourage people of color, Native Americans, women, LGBTQ people, and other underrepresented and marginalized communities to apply for this position.


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For more information, please contact LEAD NC at:

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P.O.Box 1093 Raleigh, NC 27602

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